UPDATE 12/22/15: Cat Benatar is officially adopted and heading to her new home next week! Thanks to everyone who reached out and spread the word to help. Yay!

Hey there!

This page was created for the one and only Ms. Cat Benatar, who, despite her amazingly cuddly and sweet disposition, has had a rather rough go of things in her short life so far, and needs your help.

Here's the deal:

Cat Benatar (yup! that is indeed her real name!) was the beloved friend and pet to a very nice man who passed away this summer. I don't know the full story, but here's what I do know: this guy LOVED her and basically treated her like his baby (she's sort of awesomely spoiled). But he passed away unexpectedly and quite suddenly, so Cat was alone with him for at least 3 days before he was officially reported missing and the police arrived at the apartment to investigate. 

The police were going to take Cat to a shelter. Jeff, a very good friend of this man, heard this news and couldn't bear the idea of his friend's beloved furry friend going to a shelter. So despite being incredibly allergic to cats, Jeff snuck into the apartment with the help of a neighbor, grabbed Cat and took her home. He's been trying to find a loving forever home for her ever since.

As some more background: Cat was originally found in a dumpster after having had a litter of (I'm going to assume ADORABLE) kittens.  When her kitty-dad adopted her, he took really good care of her: she's had all of her shots, is spayed (you can feel the scar on her belly) and has one of the sweetest, silliest dispositions I've ever encountered in a cat. No, really. I'm a huge cat fan and have one of my own, but I feel pretty confident in saying that this kitty is particularly special and unique. It's clear that this guy really loved her and treated her like family.

So here's where I come in: my husband, Erdem, and I lost our cat to cancer in October. His name was Jack, and he was amazing. Our other cat, Lulu, was his buddy; they lived together for about 13 years. We all missed Jack terribly and when we suddenly saw a post in our laundry room about Cat Benatar and her story, we were hesitant to take on a new kitty so soon, but we decided to meet her. It was love at first sight.

We took Cat Benatar home for a month, just to see if she would get along with Lulu, with the understanding that Jeff would take her back and find a new home if it didn't work out. Unfortunately, Lulu is such an alpha female that they just never got along, and likely never will. This wouldn't be a problem if we lived in a house or a bigger apartment, but we have a 1 bedroom where they can't avoid each other or have their own spaces. It broke my heart, but we had to take her back to Jeff.  However, we're committed to helping him find the loving home that she deserves.

So if you're looking to adopt a sweet, healthy, incredibly goofy and funny cat and would like to learn more about Cat Benatar, please email me here or at heidi@modernlovedc.com.

Here's what we know about her:

- She's about 4-5 years old and super healthy from what we can tell

- She's a purr machine (my husband keeps thinking she'll explode from purring so hard!) and incredibly affectionate.

- She loves to cuddle and snuggle, and may wake you up some mornings by licking your forehead.

- She likes to sit upright on the couch like a human, and it's super funny.

- I haven't seen her around kids, but she loves people so much and is otherwise so chill with people that I'm confident she'd be great with kiddos.

- She's low maintenance. Like, really low maintenance. So super easy, actually. Just feed her and pet her and she's happy.

- She has simple tastes. We tried to give her expensive cat food but she prefers the cheap stuff, with maybe a can of Fancy Feast tuna once in a while.

- She has lived with other cats before, but is best suited to live either with an incredibly chill kitty (or at least not an alpha female like Lulu), a younger kitty who will let her be the boss, or as an only kitty whose human will give her all the attention. OR, if you have a bigger place where kitties can do their own separate thing, that could work too. 

In sum: Cat Benatar is incredible, and we're bummed that she can't stay with us. We would love to see her go to someone who will give her the loving, happy home she needs and deserves.

Please get in touch if this person is you!

Thanks, and happy holidays,