Heidi meets a new friend at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. (March 2014)

About Heidi

Heidi Phelps is a Washington D.C.-based artist who is gaining momentum with her refreshingly hip point of view as an illustrator and graphic designer. Like a meticulously woven blanket, her versatility as an artist is layered with references to personal experiences as a modern professional. A graduate of the University of Kansas with an MA in French Literature, Phelps’ well of inspiration runs deep, with a definitive nod to France’s poets of the 19th and 20th Centuries, along with an affinity for sewing pattern illustrations of the 1950s and 1960s, Victorian fashion, historical figures, the imagery surrounding current events and pop culture. Since departing KU, Phelps was awarded a post at the French Embassy, followed by positions at the Association of American Publishers and Rosetta Stone. These pursuits inextricably linked her to a diverse framework of people and ideas; ideas that led her back to ink and paper and an innate compulsion to share her perspective.

Phelps, a Rhode Island native and longtime casual artist, began publishing her artwork in 2012, with the inception of Wayward Broad Studio, her independently run, femme-forward art studio, specializing in portraits of iconic women from life and lore. Her portraits and graphic design work have been featured in the Guardian, Offbeat Bride, Bust Magazine, UCLA's FEM Magazine and in gallery shows along the East Coast. In 2014, Heidi's experience designing her own wedding stationery inspired her to launch another initiative, Modern Love Design Co. LLC, where she specializes in personalized, unique and contemporary layouts and illustrations, distinctively conceptualized to fit the personality of 21st Century couples planning to celebrate the life they are sharing.

In 2015, Phelps continues to build upon her rapid ascent as an illustrator and designer. When  she is not in the studio or showcasing her works, Heidi can occasionally be found behind a set of turntables as DJ Miss Align, hosting one of her successful dj nights: Girlschool or Destination Venus. At home, she relaxes in the company of her husband, Erdem, and their cats, Jack and Lulu.

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